Hunting with Witfontein Safaris
Witfontein has excellent hunting concessions of more than 500.000 acres in the Bushland area, stretching from the Waterberg Mountains in the south to the Limpopo River in the north.

The vast majority of South African game species are found in the Bushland, and over the years Witfontein has built a strong relationship with neighboring landowners, fully utilising the hunting posibilities in the surrounding area.

The area is enormous and has a very veried biodiversity - we usually have to drive to the sorruonding hunting areas. The daily driving distance entirely depends on the species you wish to hunt, but most of the hunting is within a 30-60 min. drive.

The hunt is usually done as a mix of driving in open safari jeeps to find the game, and stalking – depending very much on your endurance and preferences. These arrangements are done in close coordination with your PH (Professional Hunter) who always accompanies you during the hunt, and is there solely to assist and help in any way possible. Furthermore you will be accompanied by highly qualified Trackers that can find even the smallest of tracks left behind.

A typical day starts early, at around 5.30, with a big continental breakfast prepared by Leopard Lodge's personal chef, living up to all western standards. Followed by a quick drive to your designated hunting area where you, together with your PH and Tracker will start your hunt.

As the heat starts to rise, and the animals stop being active and go into hiding, its time for a mid-day break. You either drive back to Leopard Lodge, or you rest under a three whilst lunch is prepared. There are plenty of softdrinks, beer and water under the hunt. After an energizing meal and well deserved break you start up again, and continue until sunset – or when you wish to return to The Leopard Lodge.

All of this is arranged in close and ongoing coordination with your PH. So if you at any point want to stop for the day, or otherwise have any preferences, this is your prerogative.

The staff at Witfontein is obliged to serve your every need, and if you want to hunt all day, or if you are lucky and shot your prey before noon and want to relax by the pool, this is totally up to you. We are solely here to give you the best conditions to have an amazing hunting experience. And you simply wont find better hunting conditions for hunting in South Africa.

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