Hunting manager – Herman Lubbe
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Herman was born in 1966, and had his first experience hunting together with his father, on his grandfather’s cattle farm in the North West close to the Botswana border, at an early age. Ever since, Herman has been an avid hunter in South Africa and many other African countries.

After he left school in 1985, he joined the South African Police Force as part of his military training. Here he worked for 30 years as a detective in the Limpopo Province, and specialized in the investigation of game and cattle theft.

Hunting has been a hobby since his early childhood, but in the year 2000 he decided he wanted to become a professional hunter, and since then he has been hunting with clients from around the world.

In 2003 he met the owner of Witfontein, Vagn Christensen, and hereafter he has been the hunting manager at Witfontein Hunting Safaris.

Today, Herman is surrounded with a team of professional hunters, all former policemen educated and trained in the police force.



Witfontein Hunting Safaris’ Professional Hunters

Our PH’s have been with us for many years, and are carefully chosen to ensure the best qualified team for our quests. All of them have been hunting from they were very young and know the area better than anyone – you simply couldn’t wish for a better hunting partner.

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