It’s almost two weeks now, since I came home from my first – Hopefully not last – trip to Africa. I was traveling with Witfontein Safaris, and stayed on their Leopard Lodge.

I can write pages about this place, and how you live here, but let me just state, it’s an amazing place, in amazing surroundings.

I am in no way an experienced hunter. I have had my hunting-license for 4 years, and shot my first deer in 2013.

Day 1 – Oryx and Kudu

I am finally here. It’s 8 in the morning, almost a year after I booked my hunt. I had just been lifted up on the back of the car from where some of the hunting would take place. With me is my PH, Herman, and my good friend Jørgen. Behend the wheel is Samuel the tracker.

7 Bil

We agreed yesterday that this morning we would go looking for Oryx. Which according to Herman could be quite a trial, because they are very agile. So this hunt would take place from the back of the car. I know that many see this as being unethical, but it is quite common here, and when you have the walking-skills as I do, you have to take what you can.

I had prepared for a long day on the back of the car, but already very short in the hunt, Herman and I on the same time spots an Oryx standing totally still, and looking in the other direction. I don’t remember the exact phrase Herman tells me, but I know for at fact, that the massage was “Shoot it”.

He didn’t know what hit him. I took a deep breath, and shot him right on the shoulder. He just tipped over, and laid there.

1 Oryx

We went back to the camp for a delicious lunch, and shortly after back out for more hunting. This time Kudu!

This hunt was from a blind, close to a waterhole and some feed. It didn’t take long before the first animals came to feed. When the first Kudu appeared, I thought it was HUGE, but Herman told me “No, it’s too young”. More bulls appeared, I thought most of them were big, but since Herman didn’t say anything, I interpreted that as we wait for a bigger one. So I just enjoyed the view.

Suddently Herman pointed out a bull for me – “Shoot that one”. You could see it was old, the stripes on the sides were almost invisible, and his fur was very rumpled. Now I just had to wait, until he was in position for me to shoot.

Boom! It was a hit, he took a few steps back, you could already now see that it was done. He took a few more steps, before falling down, and 10 seconds late, he was completely still.

He was a very old Bull, and measured amazingly 56”.

2 Kudu

Day 2 – Impala
After a nice breakfast, we drove to the area where I shot my Kudu. They call the place Impala Paradise – So that was exactly what we were going for.

Again we were sitting in a blind, very close to a small waterhole. It doesn’t take long, before Herman points at the first Impalas nearing the water hole. We were very fortunate, that the wind was directly towards us. After about an hour, Herman pokes me on the shoulder, and points at an Impala, just half-hidden behind a tree. When it got out, and no other Impalas behind it, Herman whispered “shoot”. So I did. The angle he stood wasn’t perfect, but I managed to hit him, and he went down.

3 Impala

Day 3 – Blesbuck and warthog
The day started as the other days, with a nice breakfast prepared by our chef Edward.

We went to the same place as I shot my Oryx, because there is a big open plain, where there often is Blesbucks Herman told me. On the way to that area, we drive by a very nice Oryx, Herman asks if I want another one. But I already got mine, so I decline.

We continue to drive around and we actually saw Blesbuck several times. But I didn’t get the chance to pull the trigger.

Until we saw a few 200 meters away. A white one was in the way, but Herman said, if the white one moves, shoot it. It moved. And I shot… OVER. At 200 meters I did expect a little bullet drop, but I must have aimed too high.

Hope was still up! A lot of daylight to go. And surely enough, we found another group of Blesbucks. 150 meters away this time. Herman points me towards the biggest one in the pack. But he was standing in a bad position, Herman told me to wait. He turned a bit to the right, and was perfect. BOOM.

It was a long wait before Herman said – “Got him – good shot cowboy”.

5 Blesboks

There was still daylight left, and I still had a warthog on my list. So we went to a blind, around a waterhole. Herman said that there were lots of warthogs at this time of the day.

Nyalas and kudus arrives, no warthogs yet.

After a little less than an hour a beautiful warthog appears. Not the biggest tusks, but I liked it! Herman says I can take him if I want. At this point he was standing in front of a sable, so I’d better not risk it.

After a while the sable moved, and it was an easy shot

6 Vortesvin

I had an amazing trip, and I am thankful for everything Herman and Samuel did and for my friend who recorded the entire trip. The only negative thing I can say about Witfontein, is that I have to go again! ;-)

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