We arrived to Witfontein in the evening. We had dinner in their trophy Museum. It was amazing with all these animals around us. We were also introduced to out PH – Herman.

We started our first day at 6 in the morning for breakfast. I wanted at Warthog, Blue Wildebeest and of course my Buffalo.

We started walking, but it was very dry, so we made a lot of noise. Herman decided we should go into a hide. After a while, a nice warthog appeared, and soon after, it was down.

18 vortesvin low

A great start, now we went back to the lodge, and had a nice meal.

We went back out for the afternoon hunt for a blue Wildebeest. In another hide this time. And it seems like the hunting gods are with us. Because just before dawn i got a nice shot on a wildebeest.

20 blaa gnu low

With only one day of hunting, my list is almost finished. Now it is just the most exciting part of my hunt. The Buffalo.

Herman had made a lot of work before we arrived, and we are happy that we exactly got Herman as our PH.

It was an amazing experience, and we got much more than we bargained for.

23 buffalo 3 low

Now my list was done, but there was still time for more. So i decided to go for an Impala. We went to a place where we saw alot of impalas, and a lot was in position to be shot, but they werent big enough.

We went to a blind near a water hole, where baboons, warthogs, wildebeest and Imapalas (too small) appeared. It was amazing just to sit there and inspect the animals behaviour without them knowing we were watching. Finally, the Impala Herman had in mind for us came forward, and it turned out to be an amazing trophy.

37impala low

The last day we had a trophy parade for all of the hunters, and we had our medals given out.

We will always remember this trip, and that we had the hunted animals for dinner every evening. My buffalo included. Delicious.

The lodge is located in a beautiful area, with Kudus, Impalas Zebras, Wildebeest… roaming around just outside the fence surrounding the lodge area. 

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