From when we were met by our guide Joe at the airport where he helped me collecting my rifle, until we some days later were dropped-off at the same airport following some amazing days at Witfontein, we felt like the most important people in the world. Everyone was available from morning till evening.

Niels had his bow and his PH Faan was the best match anyone could imagine. Niels shot 2 impala’s, 1 warthog and 1 zebra within the first 3 days. At the same time I shot 1 eland, 1 blue wildebeest, 1 impala, 1 warthog and 1 blesbuck with my wonderful PH Sagie. We then decided to finish our hunt and join the photo safari guests on a drive where we ended up at Bush Brunch, where we had brunch with the most fantastic view. On day 5, Joe took us (4 hunters and 2 companions) on a drive on the reserve and he told us everything about the animals and plants we saw, and anything else we asked him about. He is worth his weight in gold and a remarkable person! The food is 5-stared, the surroundings is fantastic, all the staff is unparalleled and we will certainly be returning someday. Most of the hunting was done from blinds, only the blesbuck I actively hunted, which when I adjusted to it was incredibly exciting. Niels, who was bowhunting, knew that he would be hunting from blinds, otherwise it would have been difficult to get the trophies. I would recommend that people bring their own rifles, which is unproblematic as long as you don’t try to bring the empty shells home. Thank you for a fantastic trip!

Niels Reutzer & Lene Skovgaard



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