Witfontein’s Trophy Museum

You should look forward to visiting Witfontein’s amazing private museum. This 800m2/8,611sq.ft. building with a vaulted ceiling is where you will find a vast collection of full-mounted African trophies. This is where our Hunting Party Tour and Combined Trip guests always seek inspiration and get into the true African spirit.

The museum provides a first-hand impression of the local animals, and usually offer a practical insight into the animals’ autonomy. Usually we have our PH’s take a round with our hunters and discuss which trophies they wish to hunt and where to aim etc.

On the first floor of the museum you will find a large conference room. It is possible to arrange conferences, receptions and festive buffets on the beautiful premises. As such our museum bar has often been the centre of festivities.


Visit Witfonteins one of a kind trophy museum.

Witfontein Hunting Safaris can arrange hunts for every animal you in the museum - including the Big 5.